Licence hosting:
we will set up your beCertified in our computing centre

Using our hosting model we will install your beCertified tailored to your specific needs with the Licence model on a server in our computing centre.

Access to your system is restricted to only you or people authorised by you. The management and use of the final beCertified application will be down to you.

We will be in charge of running the server and any required components. This also includes the hardware and the Internet connection, the IBM Lotus Domino Server, beCertified itself, software management and daily data protection. It will not be obvious to test candidates where your beCertified is installed. For a small additional charge beCertified can also be presented in the Corporate Design of your company.

For regular tests or feedback surveys and a mid to high test or feedback volume.

At beCertified Licence-Hosting, after the once-off installation costs we charge just one monthly fixed sum in the invoice.

The monthly sum is calculated depending on the number of licences required, the Internet bandwidth required and volume-dependent server usage. beCertified Software maintenance and all updates after installation are included in the price.

Email: We are happy to create your personalised licence hosting.

Facts about beCertified licence hosting:

  • Particularly suitable for high test volumes
  • A scalable licence model tailored to your needs
  • There is no need to use your own IT - hardware, IBM Lotus Domino Server, installation, software maintenance and daily backup are all included in the price
  • Optimal cost control through a monthly payment, regardless of test volumes
  • High system availability
  • The performance scope can be expanded depending on requirements


We will find a solution for you!

Get a quote for personalised licence hosting!


Or perhaps you do not want to deal with the application or written concepts yourself, but just use what beCertified was developed for. If you choose our Selective Outsourcing you will simply receive the results, evaluations or feedback from your online assessments, we will take care of the rest!