Become a partner: we support you in your beCertified activities

For companies and organisations
that wish to offer their own
beCertified standards and services

Establish your own
services/certification standards

As a beCertified manufacturer, beCertified GmbH supports companies and organisations in establishing new services or certification standards.

If, for example, as a service provider you want to offer new beCertified assessment services or as an Open Source Organisation you want to prove your standards with certificates, we are at your side as a partner.

Teachers and training providers

But also if you as a teacher or training provider if you wish, with the help of our GAP analysts - our key indicator based training success controls - we can help you set yourself apart from the competition.

With a beCertified Partner Licence, you can access new services and markets, but above all, new opportunities.

beCertified Partner Licences incur a low monthly cost. In this way we reduce your business risk.


Trust in beCertified!

Support, availability and advice

Additionally we guarantee the availability of the system and support. Therefore, you can simply focus on marketing your new services or certificates. If successful, you pay us a small profit contribution for each test developed.
As a beCertified partner we can provide competent advice on your creative ideas .

Email: I am interested in becoming a beCertified partner, please contact me


New opportunities with the
beCertified Partner Programme

  • New, non-fragmented and fast growing service market
  • An easy way to certify new standards
  • Set yourself apart from the competition with new services
  • Various service possibilities
  • beCertified in your corporate design
  • Partner programme with low business risk
  • Manage your partner solution through beCertified


Become a partner!

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