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Test centre

The beCertified test centre is equipped with a variety of components and is capable of providing almost any test scenario. For example, you can ask your candidates for personal information prior to a test and request a test evaluation from them afterwards.

beCertified has a bank of 22 different question types for the evaluation of soft skills, intelligence and knowledge or for conducting surveys. Challenging question types such as "drag & drop" and "hotspot questions" lend a "playful" note to your assessments.

Multimedia files can also be used when creating questions. This makes beCertified an "adventure-based" test centre with a high entertainment factor for your candidates. The beCertified test centre is easy to operate and intuitive. This means candidates concentrate entirely on your tests.

Screenshots · a glimpse of what is possible

+ Matrix task using Drag & Drop + Sample task using multiple choice + Sample task using several multiple choice questions + Sample task with drop down selection

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