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beCertified - the assessment centre

beCertified eliminates subjective decision making!

The beCertified test system is the leading solution for web assessments and Internet based testing processes.

Candidates demonstrate their strengths in beCertified online tests analogously to the suitability requirements of the test provider. Comparison of results and expectations is purely based on key indicators, allowing straightforward decisions to be taken. At the same time, the key indicator system eliminates any possibility of subjective interpretation.

The test provider makes the beCertified tests available to his candidates on the Internet or Intranet. Our test centre flexibility supports all common testing methods, e.g. for the testing of soft skills, intelligence and specialist knowledge, or for collecting feedback.

beCertified is also able to evaluate all test methods simultaneously in one test, e.g. the suitability diagnostic for individual job descriptions. Candidate test times are also reduced to a minimum - despite the (in part) more complex and multi-layered nature of the profile requirements. At the same time, the testers are provided for the first time with a comprehensive, role related suitability profile. We were awarded a European patent for this.

Any type of assessment can be configured in just a few mouse clicks using the beCertified Assessment planner, irrespective of whether you wish to offer certification or filter the applicants with the greatest potential - to name but two possible options.

beCertified tests - performance features

  • Universal Cloud assessment centre
  • Testing of soft skills, knowledge areas or intelligence and feedback surveys
  • Simultaneous testing of all common test methods analogously to multiple, role related qualification expectations (multiple determinants)
  • Candidate management system (Recruiting agent)
    for automated inviting, rejecting, results reporting and communication
  • Automated creation and dispatch of certificates
  • Hierarchical account system for distributed test administration with centralised management.
  • The beCertified authoring system "Content Factory" lets you develop your own high-quality, individualised tests in the shortest possible time
  • Multilingual test centre, currently offering five languages


Create tests and surveys

Establish requirements

  • Profile requirements
  • Select test questions
  • Select suitability criteria::
    soft skills, intelligence,
    specialist knowledge

Assessment planner

  • Establish the "framework conditions" of the tests
  • Specify candidate group
  • Open / closed testing
  • Feedback, allow / request
  • Anonymous tests

Recruiting agent

  • Candidate management
  • Invite, evaluate, certify
  • Notifications

Test centre

  • Test preparation
  • Test scenario
  • Choose from a bank of 22 question types
  • Integrate multimedia content

Results & analyses

  • Test evaluation
  • Key indicator comparison
  • Placement / ranking
  • Skill rating:
    results based feedback
  • Certificates
  • Suitability for specified positions

Management & administration

  • Candidate handling
  • Applicant management
  • Legally controlled multi-user account system


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