Management & Administration

beCertified is much more than an Internet-based multi-test and assessment platform.

beCertified is a powerful but simple and operationally intuitive solution, able to fully display all candidate handling process chains. All test administration and management tasks can either be carried out by you or by the beCertified team.

The high level of automation used by beCertified and the implementation of all relevant steps in the candidate handling process (up to and including candidate assessment) reduce administrative effort to an absolute minimum - even where there are many thousands of test and assessment participants. At the same time, beCertified candidate evaluations are significant, objectively, key indicator-based and unambiguous!

The process chains most important to applicant management

  • Defining relevant qualification specifications and required characteristics
  • Creating relevant question banks or selecting question banks from the beCertified test catalogue
  • Creating and individualising assessments, setting language and security levels
  • Sending assessment invitations
  • Collecting candidate master data
  • Making absolute and empirical evaluations of test results and feedback, interpreting results, displaying them graphically and offering alternative recommendations
  • Informing candidates of the results, inviting them for interviews or further assessments or rejecting them
  • Automatically creating and dispatching documents and certificates


The features most important to administration

  • Complete Web and Java based solutions
  • An enterprise solution designed for use by large organisations and able to handle high candidate uptake.
  • Individually configurable assessment security levels
  • A legally controlled multi-user account system with defined work zones, best suited to the purposes of multi-location, centrally-managed organisations
  • Extensive question bank administration options, relevant question management
  • 5 languages implemented:
    German, English, Spanish, Italian, French



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