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Skill rating for suitability diagnostics

You know the problem... so many suitability diagnostic solutions produce never-ending volumes of text for candidate evaluation. In the end, it seems you know everything and nothing about the candidate!

In contrast, beCertified creates transparent key indicators, which help you reach your decision in a fast, objective and target-oriented fashion.
beCertified compares the individual result with that of an anonymous reference group and in so doing awards the candidate an objective indicator.

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It takes just seconds to give all your candidates a valid ranking using our evaluation process, allowing you to then invite those best suited to an interview. This optimises your interviewing procedures!
And beCertified goes even further!

The beCertified "Skill Rating" feature also helps you take optimal advantage of applicant potential.
To start with, you receive previously unconsidered candidate recommendations which can be tested for suitability in other jobs or courses of study.

This helps your applicants and gives them a better chance than others.

beCertified evaluations at a glance

  • Absolute test evaluation
  • Comparative, key indicator-based evaluation, comparison of individual results with the test participant group (empirical evaluation)
  • Empirical ranking within the test participant group
  • The unique beCertified Skill Rating function (automated evaluation support, e.g. "the candidate fulfils the requirements")
  • "To which position is the candidate best suited" evaluation
  • "Confidence level" evaluation


Skill rating for certifications

For certifications, you decide what the result-dependent feedback in the skill rating should be. If the test result is 72%, for example, your feedback could be "passed certification". The options are unlimited.

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