Candidate manager

Manage, attest and evaluate candidates

beCertified is more than "just" an assessment solution. The Recruiting Agent lets you manage your candidates comfortably and with minimal effort - just like in a skill management system. You invite candidates to assessments, evaluate test results and send out your certificates or individual test feedback.

Any type of information can be generated, formatted to your individual design and sent simultaneously by e-mail to any number of candidates.

Even with an uptake of thousands of candidates and a large number of web assessments, beCertified is able to lighten your administrative load and ensure you keep everything in view, irrespective of whether you are selecting or attesting candidates.

Keep everything in view

  • Send information to individual applicants
    or whole groups
  • Create individual messages
  • Automated and personalised
  • Processing status directly visible
  • beCertified is designed as an enterprise solution able to handle any number of candidates


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