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Test catalogue

Test contents. Scientifically based. For every beCertified assessment.

beCertified is an open assessment and test platform that can set up almost any kind of tests or surveys and make them available online. The test catalogue offers you a comprehensive selection of scientifically-based test content for each assessment .

The solution on one hand and the test content on the other are completely independent of one another.

In our test catalogue we offer, amongst other things, a large selection of test possibilities to measure personal characteristics (soft skills). You can also find feedback surveys or performance tests in the catalogue. With the beCertified assessment evaluations, all tests meet the maximum level of objectiveness. Moreover, from our Soft Skill Tests you can expect a valid psychological diagnostic.

All beCertified tests meet the requirements of DIN 33430, "Requirements on processes and their use in occupational suitability tests ".

Create tests

Custom knowledge tests can be created yourself with the help of the beCertified "Content Factory" (author tool)or by our scientific author team in a short space of time.

Combine tests with assessments

Knowledge, soft skill and performance tests can be combined in one single assessment and weighted in such a way to match a job description. The possible number of determining factors is unlimited.


The content of this catalogue is currently being updated. If you require further information, please contact us on: +49 4185 587062.

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