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GECO Systems Office and GECO Deutschland
headquarters at Hamburg

GECO Systems GmbH, part of the GECO Group, develops Internet supported assessment solutions. Their affiliated companies GECO Deutschland GmbH and GECO Asia Pte. Ltd. are well-known recruitment companies in the world-wide IT project market. They answer over 6,000 enquiries a year.

In order to be able to offer objectively qualified candidates even at such a volume, an automated, flexible and valid suitability diagnostic is vital. Therefore, the requests and candidates are stretched over the whole IT bandwidth, which represents an additional challenge for such a process.

As at the time there was no solution in the market, we founded GECO Systems GmbH in 1999. beCertified was created at the same time as the company was founded. We were awarded a European patent for a part of the process used. Gradually, beCertified was adapted into a multiple test platform, which works flexibly for all sectors and test scenarios.

Nowadays, more and more companies and organisations trust the expertise of GECO Systems and beCertified for Internet supported testing.

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GECO Systems GmbH

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GECO Systems GmbH

Solution provider for Internet based tests


GECO Asia Pte Ltd

Recruiting company for the Asian-Pacific IT project market with its headquarters in Singapore.

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