beCertified suitability tests

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Trainee suitability tests

The focal point of the diagnostic here generally lies in the checking of basic educational ability - e.g. in mathematics, grammar and spelling, logical thought and general education.

However, educationally relevant soft skills can also be evaluated in the tests, so as to obtain a complete picture of the applicant.

beCertified tests all multiple determinants simultaneously, so test times are reduced to a minimum. We recommend a four-stage selection process for trainees:



Basic general education test

At the first selection stage, an open, freely-accessible and simple beCertified suitability test is recommended. At this stage, basic general educational knowledge is tested.
The most promising candidates are then requested to submit their application documents as part of the beCertified selection process .


Screening the application documents of the final candidates

The second selection stage involves checking application documents for corporate compliance with your organisation.


Intensive testing

At the third selection stage, the best applicants from the previous stage are invited to a closed beCertified presence suitability test. The focus here - depending on the course of study to be taken - is on a deeper understanding of mathematics, better grammar and spelling and more logical thought. In this suitability test, any relevant professional soft skills can also be evaluated.


Applicant interview

In this fourth and final stage, candidates recommended by beCertified at the third selection stage are invited for an interview.


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