beCertified suitability tests - general

The beCertified selection process

Suitability tests for
target candidates
Start by putting your open beCertified suitability test on the Internet for a limited period and invite your target candidates via your portal or the media to apply.
Empirical evaluation
& ranking
The test results of all participants are then empirically evaluated by beCertified. beCertified compares each individual test result with the results of the remaining test participants and in so doing awards the individual a precise test ranking.
Application documents
of top rated candidates
The beCertified Recruiting Agent requests the application documents of the highest-placed test participants.
Presence test or
candidate interview
After sorting, test participants are either invited immediately (or following a further beCertified presence test) to your final candidate interview.
Take advantage of the potential
of additional candidates
The beCertified Skill Rating function allows previously unconsidered candidates to be offered alternative jobs, apprenticeships or courses of study, in order not to waste applicant potential.
Send out rejections

Rejections are sent out automatically by the beCertified Recruiting Agent.

beCertified suitability tests are differentiated according to applicant group by means of the diagnostic process used and the selection process itself.

5 unbeatable arguments for using the beCertified selection process

  • You only sort through a fraction of the total application documentation
  • You only need to interview a few targeted candidates
  • Candidate selection is totally objective and fact-based (AGG)
  • The entire applicant handling process is carried out by the beCertified Recruiting Agent in a matter of minutes, automatically at the click of your mouse. That includes the sending out of results, invitations to interview, rejections and requests for application documents.
  • Applicant potential is optimised


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