GECO certificate with beCertified

An example of beCertified certifications in practice …

GECO certificates are also used by GECO Deutschland GmbH as an internal quality tool

Our sister company provides its key clients with IT desktop support staff and temporary IT consultants. It receives over 6,000 enquiries annually from clients. In order to satisfy client quality requirements on the one hand, and prove the quality levels of its project staff on the other, GECO Deutschland offers all IT specialists GECO certification free of charge.

There are GECO certificates for a range of desktop professional groups - e.g. IT technicians, supporter staff or user help desk specialists.

Dedicated soft skill certification can be created for most professional consulting groups, analogously to the respective consulting activity.

Using beCertified online tests, the technical and soft skill qualities of desktop professionals can be evaluated. Soft skills alone are evaluated for consultants, due to the broad skill ranges involved.
In this way, project managers are able to prove their leadership competence and software developers can demonstrate their ability to think analytically.

The unique element of GECO certificates is the relative beCertified evaluation process providing empirical comparison with the test results of other IT specialists in the same professional group. Where, for example, an IT specialist scores test results of 76%, this means

that 76% of all the IT specialists from the same professional group who took the test scored equally highly or came off worse.

GECO certificates are a good selling point for IT specialists when competing with others in the same professional group. For the client, the objective qualification key indicators obtained from the evaluation simplify the task of selecting permanent staff over time. All those taking GECO certificate assessments are awarded a high-quality, individual GECO certificate by beCertified. These certificates enhance the application documentation of all candidates - not only those on GECO projects.

Why GECO certification with beCertified?

  • A unique selling point for individual specialists, which demonstrates objectively proven skills when in competition with others
  • Highest level of objectivity through comparative evaluations of the individual with the anonymous results of all IT specialists in the same
    professional group
  • A cost-free, manufacturer independent standard
  • High quality testing and certificates demonstrating the evaluated abilities
  • Complies with current data protection conditions
  • Tests developed by universities and highly-qualified consultants


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