Skill controlling

  • Comprehensive evaluation system
  • Anonymous assessment implementation
  • Individual target specifications
  • Automatic "mediation" of missing knowledge elements
  • Simplified candidate handling
  • Automated creation and dispatch of certificates
  • Fast, competent development
  • Complete outsourcing
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ITIL V3 Compliance

Service transition:

beCertified "Ready for Change" assessments

"Service transition" - the third stage in the ITIL V3 service life cycle - is a challenge for companies. Here, old "habits" need to be transformed into modern ITIL service process chains. It is even more important that each individual takes on board their role in the new services, so as to master them in the future.

Individual beCertified transition assessments play an important role. Test content reflects the new process thinking. It allows staff affected by the changes to assess whether they are actually "ready for change". Where gaps still exist, beCertified puts the missing knowledge across as "tiny pearls of wisdom".

Aided by a beCertified meta-indicator - calculated from the individual results of all the assessments - those participating can decide precisely when the "ready for change" moment has arrived.
With beCertified transition assessments, the success of your ITIL implementation in the important transition phase is not left to chance, because trust is being replaced by fact.

Support for your
ITIL V3 implementation

  • Promoting the new process thinking
  • Test results give information as to the actual state of readiness of those participating
  • The feedback functions support optimisation
  • Focused optimisation of process chains


Service improvement:

On-going beCertified feedback gathering

After successfully implementing ITIL V3, the new process chains are permanently optimised - aided by operating experience already accumulated. The beCertified feedback functions are there to help you with this. Using these, the experience, evaluation and suggestions for improvement of all the participants can be gathered at a central point. This valuable information can then be analysed and targeted to optimise the process chains.

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Why service transition
with beCertified?

  • Precise definition of target specifications for new process know-how in the organisation
  • Optimised transition from old to new process chains by maximising the existing process know-how of all participants
  • Customised self-qualification of those affected through the provision of knowledge increments to target specifications
  • For management - meta-indicator-based "ready for change"

Why service improvement
with beCertified?

  • Automated on-going feedback collection
    and evaluation