Skill controlling

  • Comprehensive evaluation system
  • Anonymous assessment implementation
  • Individual target specifications
  • Automatic "mediation" of missing knowledge elements
  • Simplified candidate handling
  • Automated creation and dispatch of certificates
  • Fast, competent development
  • Complete outsourcing
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Operational excellence - Change processes

Organisational development:

beCertified "Ready for Change" assessments

Development of a client-orientated organisation is an important feature, particularly for outsourcing users. During the "strategy" phase - the first stage in implementing operational excellence - new customer-orientated processes are agreed in close cooperation with clients.

The big challenge of preparing staff for the new, optimised, customer-orientated processes
- known as the "make" phase - then follows.

Individual beCertified transition assessments can play an important role here. The new processes that each and every member of staff needs to master are reflected in the test content. This allows staff affected by the changes to assess whether they are actually "ready for change". Where gaps still exist, beCertified puts the missing knowledge across as "tiny pearls of wisdom".

Aided by a beCertified meta-indicator - calculated from the individual results of all the assessments - those responsible can decide exactly when the "ready for change" moment has arrived and move on to the "delivery" phase armed with the facts. With beCertified transition assessments, the success of your operational excellence implementation in the important "make" phase is not left to chance. Blind faith is replaced by fact.


Performance management:

on-going beCertified performance measurement including client feedback key indicators

Following successful implementation, the new client-orientated processes are subjected to an automated, key indicator-based beCertified customer feedback process. This allows on-going measurement of process efficiency at the client location and at the same time an understanding of the level of customer satisfaction. The beCertified key indicators allow optimisation potential to be readily identified.

Why organisational development
with beCertified ?

  • Precise definition of target specifications for new process know-how in the organisation
  • Controlled process transition through maximisation of the existing process know-how of current staff and of new staff recruited in accordance with Section 613a
  • Individualised self-qualification of those affected through the provision of knowledge increments to target specifications
  • For management - meta-indicator-based "ready for change"

Why performance management
with beCertified?

  • Optimise targeted, client-orientated processes with on-going, automated feedback collection


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