beCertified potential tests - general

Promote the right candidates objectively and based on key indicators!

Targeted staff promotion has long been an important factor in successful companies.

beCertified suitability diagnostic assessments are designed to support management and personnel departments in this important task. The empirically generated key indicators awarded following analyses are particularly helpful to the assessors. The indicators allow the abilities of the candidates to be compared with an anonymous, empirical random sample.

Unlike other analytical tools, which offer page after page of standardised text blocks, beCertified's key indicators impress with their clarity and validity. They allow very little room for subjective interpretations.

The beCertified Talent Screening feature allows social and emotional competences to be evaluated in just the same way as cognitive potential, specialist knowledge or methodology knowledge.

For this reason, the beCertified test catalogue contains a very wide battery of standardised tests.

beCertified also allows you to create activity profiles with any number of individual abilities and to weight these, one against the other, according to your needs. beCertified then uses these to generate the requirements for the corresponding tests.

The comprehensive feedback functions allow third party evaluations to be included and addressed.
The beCertified Skill Rating function is also able to recommend additional job description eligibility based on results.
Promote your staff based on their experience. beCertified supports you with objective evaluations based on empirical facts and third party feedback .

8 unbeatable arguments for your beCertified potential tests

  • Highest levels of objectivity and validity based on a comparison of empirical results
  • Key indicator based evaluation making for faster comparison and improved target-orientation
  • A comprehensive range of feedback functions
  • Integrated applicant management
  • Job description recommendation via the beCertified skill rating function
  • Batteries of tests covering a wide range of job descriptions
  • Individual test battery development
  • Comprehensive test evaluations


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