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Correct personnel deployment ensures success

Companies and organisations operating in dynamic markets must - together with you, their employees and service providers - adjust themselves ever more rapidly to changes in society and technology trends.

Knowledge, ability and methodology are in a permanent state of flux due, for example, to the introduction of new products and services or new corporate procedures.

One example: a salesman can only be successful if he knows the advantages and unique selling points of "his" new products. Furthermore, a company can only properly evaluate the success or otherwise of a product, when it is sure that the sales staff is making valid arguments about the product.

With beCertified skill checking, you ensure that the knowledge of your staff is updated each and every time processes change. beCertified achieves this by making special on-line assessments available to the employees affected. Where there are existing gaps in knowledge, the missing knowledge building blocks are highlighted.

The necessary "pearls of wisdom" are learned in accordance with a focused, incremental and time-optimised schedule. Tests are then re-run to ensure that the knowledge gaps have been successfully plugged.

beCertified skill checking allows you to make valid assessments as to whether the necessary knowledge, abilities and methodology exists, before making any important changes!

beCertified: more than just knowledge checking!

10 unbeatable arguments for beCertified skill controlling:

  • Comprehensive evaluation system
    with indicators for both management and employees
  • Anonymous assessment implementation
    as desired
  • Individual target specifications
  • Automatic "mediation" of
    missing knowledge elements
  • Optional coupling to
    "learning management system"
  • "Only learn what you actually need"
    learning units kept small in order to plug
    know-how gaps incrementally
  • Automated certificate creation and dispatch
    based on the learning units the employee has completed (ready for change)
  • Fully integrated and automated
    candidate handling
  • Fast and competent test development
    of your skill checking assessments by our
    test authors
  • Optional complete outsourcing of your permanent skill check requirements to us


» Extract from "Bildungscontrolling"
an article by Günter Hilger (german)


beCertified is an important element
in your process change strategy !


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