beCertified suitability tests

  • Optimised applicant handling
  • Make the right decisions when selecting candidates
  • Objective and based on key indicators


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Study capability tests

In study capability testing, the diagnostic focal point is mainly dependent on 3 important determinants:
cognitive performance, the "big five" study relevant personality characteristics and also - mostly for dual study courses- specialist knowledge.

Further information on these determinants can be found in our test catalogue.

Determine and evaluate the study applicant's potential more effectively

With beCertified, study applicant potential diagnostics become an automatic routine.

Time consuming applicant handling - even for many thousands of applicants - becomes a minor issue.

beCertified fully automates and displays the entire process - from surveying master data and preparing test material for test evaluation and decision making, sending out results and issuing further selection stages or candidate rejection instructions.

Process management and administration

As beCertified is entirely web-based, any institution, university or college can carry out study capacity testing on the Internet or Intranet, in accordance with their own particular guidelines. Results and evaluations can be managed and administered locally as well as centrally in the organisation.

The entire candidate process can either be implemented by the tester himself, or outsourced to the beCertified team. Due to the high degree of automation - even at the highest levels of applicant uptake - beCertified guarantees a maximum return on your investment.

The degree of objectivity in beCertified's empirical evaluations also offers high levels of legal security.

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