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Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH

Here at Atos Global On-Site Services (GOSS) we have a requirement to verify that all of our technicians can meet and exceed the technical standards required to fulfill our customer contracts. Our global reach and use of third party technicians demands a cost effective assessment solution that can save us both time and expense. beCertified provides us with the range of feature and a degree of flexibility necessary to meet our ever expanding requirements.

Prior to its deployment we were spending too much time and effort individually validating technicians competencies in over 100 countries. We can now use the beCertified assessment tool to screen for existing competencies and to validate specific knowledge gained through our training programs. Successful assessment completion provides GOSS with confirmation that the candidate is of sufficient quality to represent Atos on our client sites.

Assessments can be created in a modular fashion from a combination of new questions and NS pre-existing material and delivered in a variety of languages. Because of its online availability and its account structure, our questions can be designed in Manila and Munich, the assessments created in Dublin and the invitations sent out to candidates in South America and the Asia Pacific area; all from within the same web-based test system. There is no need to install the software on every user's computer.

Our on-going dialogue with the team at GECO has led to a stream of continuous improvements. The implementation of automated certificates and the use of the tool for additional tasks such as customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys being good examples. This flexibility was the deciding factor for us when we were making our purchasing decision.


  • einer der zehn größten
    IT-Dienstleister weltweit
  • in 48 Ländern vertreten
  • rund 75.000 Mitarbeiter

Duncan Broderick:
(Training Manager
- Global On-Site Services)

» I often show the tool to other Atos teams who are considering assessments. I enjoy answering their "Can you do …" questions with a consistent "Yes I can, let me show you…" «

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Aurubis AG

Wir setzen beCertified schon seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich als Bewerbermanagement und Testsystem zur Vorauswahl unserer Auszubildenden ein und konnten uns immer auf den kompetenten und schnellen Support, sowohl inhaltlich, als auch technisch, verlassen.
Der empirisch- anonyme Vergleich des einzelnen Bewerbers mit dem gesamten Bewerberkreis ist faktisch objektiv.

Insbesondere die Soft Skill Skalen des beCertified Testkatalogs sind für die Auswahl unserer Auszubildenden ein wichtiges Instrument und decken sich signifikant mit unseren Kandidaten-Einschätzungen nach Bewerbungsgesprächen.

  • zweitgrößter Produzent von
    Kupfer weltweit
  • Standorte in
    Europa, Nordamerika und Asien
  • rund 6.400 Mitarbeiter

Wolfgang Gross
(Leiter Aus- und Fortbildung / Personalentwicklung)

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