Surveys and feedback with beCertified - Create questionnaires online

Learn how others think!

beCertified is more than a comprehensive evaluation tool or testing system.

After all, you also want to know what others think about you, your company or your identified talents.
You can request feedback from others on each and every one of your beCertified tests, irrespective of whether it is a test of suitability or potential - just to name but two possible applications .

Create your own 360° feedback

The so-called 360° feedback allows you to complement your objective beCertified test evaluations with the subjective perceptions of third parties.

You can also get feedback from candidates on your tests and assessments, so as to find out how they are perceived by them.

Services & products from the customer's perspective

You can also use the beCertified feedback function as a valuable web-based quality assurance tool, without linking it to any test. Simply ask customers to give you feedback on your products and services and discover what they really think.

Extensive feedback options make your survey an experience in itself and will also clarify your customer orientation. It takes just a few minutes to get a response, and it is very popular. Creating a survey is easy and
fun to do.

8 unbeatable arguments in favour of the beCertified 360° feedback function:

  • Online surveys created quickly and easily
  • Extensive scope of functions with many different question types
  • High-quality online surveys
  • Dedicated feedback tool that can be combined with tests and assessments for third-party candidate evaluation - during potential testing, for example
  • Various security levels and restrictions for feedback providers
  • Detailed evaluations
  • Export functions in Excel format (.xsl)
  • Option of completely outsourcing feedback management to GECO Systems


The beCertified feedback functions let you know what others think!

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