beCertified certification - general

The beCertified certification process

With beCertified, you can at last become the certification provider for your products, solutions, methods and standards. The options are almost unlimited.

To begin with, your tests are developed by our authors with - in the majority of cases - knowledge-related content. You can quickly and easily develop them yourself using the beCertified Content Factory.

You can also complement your tests using the soft skills feature in our test catalogue.
Whilst others are still only offering simple multiple choice tests, the range of features in the beCertified Content Factory will be turning your tests into multimedia experiences .

All the necessary steps to test implementation, such as candidate authorisation, invitation to take tests, test evaluations, the forwarding of test results and the automatic dispatch of client-related documents and certificates are automatically carried out by beCertified. Your efforts are reduced to an absolute minimum!

The beCertified test evaluations are a further highlight. Depending on the level of security required, your certifications can be offered either on the Internet or as a presence test in one of beCertified's partner test centres. Just get in touch.

9 unbeatable arguments
for beCertified certifications

  • beCertified tests and certifications uprate
    the value of your products
  • High quality "experience testing"
  • Automated creation and dispatch of certificates
  • Fully-integrated and automated candidate handling
  • High-quality test evaluations, absolute
    and relative test results
  • Individual test security, test call up on the Internet or during presence tests at beCertified partner testing centres
  • Quick and competent development of your tests by our network of authors
  • Complete outsourcing of your testing and certifications to beCertified GmbH, on request
  • Attractive partner programme for open standards certification providers



Is there still any reason for you
not to offer your own certification?

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